A Pivot

Three years ago, I started blogging for a lot of different reasons.

It served as a way for me to crystallize thoughts and ideas and to share them with others.

My initial intention was to keep the topics mostly professional and related to business and critical thinking. In the meantime, I started a branded parallel blog over at EndGameLeadership.com. It basically duplicated the K.W. Wrede blog for a wider business audience. Continue reading

The Telecommuting Challenge

Telecommuting isn’t a new topic. Under the right conditions theZenith Space Command Remote (00)re are many advantages for both employees and employers.

At both ends of the spectrum there are jobs that are impossible for telecommuting (i.e.: manufacturing) and there are jobs that are perfect (i.e.: some accounting tasks). We find the challenges in that grey blob in the middle. Those challenges can be our opportunities.

My good friend Rajesh Singh started a recent thread on LinkedIn asking about telecommuting.
(Read the full thread here.)

But, as I read the comments, I realized that as is often the case the question frames certain assumptions and we don’t think through the “real” problem. Continue reading

The Critical Obstacle to Innovation

Everyone agrees that innovation is the magical key to the future, a strategic activity that cannot be ignored.

A major topic of CEOs and MBA programs world-wide.

The biggest obstacle to innovation in any organization has absolutely nothing to do with innovation.

The biggest obstacle is that very few organizations create the strategic group culture needed to nurture innovation.

You may find a Senior VP for other “strategic” areas (think finance, marketing, operations, and even human resources), but you rarely have a SVP for innovation (or for that matter, leadership).
If the CEO does not take a personal hand in proactively promoting an environment for innovation, it just becomes an annoying buzz word that will be addressed “sometime in the future.”

(Thanks to Rajesh Singh, Vice President – L&H Products Strategy & Ops at Swiss Re5d, for posing an interesting question.)

Leadership Helped Me Lose 15 Pounds… and Counting.

signs-road-works-conn-ave-0aI think like everyone, I could stand to drop a little weight.

I’m not morbidly obese, but I have a specific weight, 195 pounds (or about 88.5 kilos) where I really start to feel awful.

I’m lethargic, I have nightly acid reflux, blood pressure is up, and my lab results tend toward those seemingly inevitable middle-age guy twin-cities’ destination: Prediabetes and Prehypertension.

Four weeks ago I was at 195. Continue reading

Maybe I’m just old fashioned…

Maybe I’m just old fashioned…Exec number 1 (0)


If you are a 1/3 owner in a business and you are claiming a tax loss of about $1 billion, the math implies that you had to destroy $3+ billion in corporate value to use that write-off.

Everyone associated with the company lost their jobs and a liquidation process probably recovered only pennies on the dollar for the debtors and other investors.

I’m pretty sure that is not considered a good business model.

But hey…
I might just be a bit old-fashioned.