A Pivot

Three years ago, I started blogging for a lot of different reasons.

It served as a way for me to crystallize thoughts and ideas and to share them with others.

My initial intention was to keep the topics mostly professional and related to business and critical thinking. In the meantime, I started a branded parallel blog over at EndGameLeadership.com. It basically duplicated the K.W. Wrede blog for a wider business audience.

I hit a bit of a mental vapor lock a few months back. The profound changes in the American political and social scenes changed the course of normal social discourse. On this blog, I intentionally pushed my political and social interests to side to keep the distractions away from followers.  I see now that I need to have a place to express my personal opinions on those topics.

Well… this will be the place.

My business topics will appear here too, but you can expect additional commentary that is more direct on other social and political topics and on positions that I advocate both in my local area and in the world in general.

To avoid the “bait and switch”… If you want the pure “business experience”, please head over and follow me at EndGameLeadership.com.

If you want to follow my more personal rants and biases, please stay tuned to this station.

Thanks to everyone for your support!