DSC03467aI write about leadership, business, critical thinking, and their intersections.

My favorite learning experiences have been in informal settings, a restaurant or bar listening to people chat about their lives at work and play.  Many great conversations began “Do you have a pen and a piece of paper?  I wanna show you something.”

Blog Button, Press to start (1)So began my real education on the back of a cocktail napkin.

I have been lucky enough to travel widely and live in several countries.  It is the commonalities that connect us and the differences that make us interesting.  Living in different cultures has taught me that it is important to acknowledge and relish the spice of our differences and concentrate on our shared qualities.

A good decision process, creating group cohesion, and acquiring critical thinking skills are important for leaders regardless of where they work.  Large organizations, start-up companies, and in both the public and private sectors all share similar challenges.  The best solutions are usually found by working for the group and caring about the other guy.

Everyone has the potential to become a great leader.
I give people the tools to be good leaders.

Desire and circumstances create the opportunities, so an opportunity arises, you’ll be ready.

Cocktail Napkin Montage (0)My intention is to share opinions and experiences in an informal conversational tone.  The articles here are my opinions on a range of topics.  I will try to keep them related to business, leadership, and critical thinking, but I reserve the right to break my own rules.

I hope the articles are of some practical value or, at least, fun.

So, have a seat and take a load off.  Do you have a piece of paper?  I wanna show you something…

Ken Wrede