RX100: If you don’t love this camera, you don’t understand love!

This is a great camera.
The RX100 has all the manual features of a larger camera, but it fits in my pocket.
They say that the best camera is the camera you have with you when need it. Because of its compact size, the RX100 is always with me.
The camera I bought is a refurbished camera. It came packaged like new and I have had no issues since it arrived.
There are different versions of the RX100 with different improvements and features, shop for the features you prefer.
One of the downsides of having a camera with me everywhere is in as much as I travel, there is a lot of wear and tear. Most of that wear and tear was in the first year before I figured out how to keep it both available and safe.
I estimate in the three years I owned it, I shot about 20000 pictures (burst mode doncha know). Probably about 8000 were worth keeping, but man with that big sensor, they were *really* worth keeping.
I did have one problem with my original RX100 which caused me to replace it. It started to unexpectedly power up. This unexpected action would happen in my pocket or sometimes while setting on my desk. It became impossible to keep it charged as I was always struggling to manage the power by removing the battery. It was past warranty, so there was no manufacturer recourse.
My old RX100 finally met its match when it powered up and fell off my desk when the lens expanded out of the body and pushed itself over the edge. Perhaps it was despondent.
Anyway, the RX100 is great camera and I highly recommend the camera and the vendor who refurbished my current one!!!!

20130209 1406, Iceland Sólheima jökull (2a)

Just a quick note or two on this picture…

This is from a trip to Iceland. The picture is the glacier “Sólheimajökull”, an easily accessible glacier for tourists. The picture was a regular still shot from a 500 meters away. In the lower right corner of the picture, you can see dark, horizontal layers that are a geological history of thousands of years of volcanic eruptions. In that same corner, you can see a few colorful specks that are hikers preparing to hike the glacier. I bring this up for one reason, how great the sensor on this camera is… The lens is only about a 2x optic zoom, but if you are steady with your shots you can later zoom and crop other details you might not have noticed. The picture below was cropped from the picture above. I love this little camera!!

20130209 1406, Iceland Sólheima jökull (2b)