Suncoast Business Leaders Leadership Panel

This is just a quick note to thank Laurie MacDonald from MacDonaldConsultants for hosting a wonderful leadership panel on 18 May at the Centre Club Tampa sponsored by The Suncoast Business Leaders organization.

It was fantastic to share the panel with Joe Yazbeck from Prestige Leadership and Paul Lulgjuraj. Sasha Hursh acted as the panel moderator.  Jill Driver-Lindsey from AVI-SPL helped Laurie with facilitating the networking part of the event.  Carletta Clyatt, from the Omnia Group, kicked off the event with an overview of Omnia’s services of employee behavior assessments and comparing the assessments to employer’s requirements.

The panel discussed the topic of leadership from the following seed questions:

  • What makes an effective leader?
  • How has leadership changed?

The most interesting part for me was hearing the diverse points of views from the panel members.

Paul’s view came from the tactical point of view and discussed the challenges of leadership during periods of massive change.  Paul clearly detailed the steps needed to address those challenges. Paul describes himself as a “Culture Change Expert” and he nailed the problem on change on the head.  If you manage the culture, people will accept the change.

Joe focused on the higher level social obligation of leaders and their responsibility to formulate and communicate their message clearly to all stakeholders. Joe has had the opportunity to meet and work with 100s of leaders .  His speaks from the advantage of experience.

Sasha lent the perspective of an international, multi-cultural career and the challenges of managing leadership development programs.  Her biggest challenges were senior executives who wanted leadership programs, but who did not want to guide them.  In my opinion, HR executives, like Sasha, are tasked with an impossible goal if they are unsupported at the highest level.  HR has the responsibility, but not the authority to force change.

My point of view was from the systemic leadership side by introducing and illustrating my thoughts using the principles of Endgame Leadership, much of which you can follow along in the blog articles.

It was a great conversation with an amazing diversity of experience.  The audience was highly interactive and engaged.

At the risk of patting myself on the back too…

Great job everyone!

If you are in the greater Tampa area, connect up with the Suncoast Business Leaders.  Please, contact Laurie MacDonald through LinkedIn.