Reading Recommendation “The One Minute Manager”

If you are just on the path to leadership and you have no idea what you should do, “The One Minute Manager” is a great start to untangle the big string ball that is leading people.

I have probably bought close to 100 copies over the years since I first read the book (you’re welcome Messrs. Blanchard and Johnson).  They have been gifts to friends, students, and mentees with whom I have shared any meaningful conversation on leadership.

It is a short read that discusses in parable form the three tools of an effective manager:

  • one-minute goals
  • one-minute praisings
  • and one-minute reprimands

Easy to implement

As a new manager or leader it is incredibly difficult to remember the sum knowledge of leadership theory and apply it to daily office life.  Emotional Quotients can be confused with getting too personal.  The new power of authority can cause people to disengage and lose empathy (“Because I said so!”).  Technical proficiency is sought at the cost of communicating with subordinates.

I gift this book because it gives three simple techniques that teach you to engage with subordinates in a personal way, but on a professional level.  It teaches how to make communication personal and timely; and how to deliver the message professionally yet separated from personal attack.

Standing the test of time

This book is over 30 years old.  “The One Minute Manager” techniques are not only simple, but timeless.  Each new generation of managers and leaders must develop their new skills.  Experience is a great teacher, but sometimes unforgiving.  It is better with a little bit of structure.

I have known a lot of people who confused management and power with leadership.  They were the constant center of conflict.  In those instances, communication was both the problem and the solution, they received a gift from me in the mail.


The beauty of the book is its simplicity.

The techniques are skills that can be easily mastered and immediately applied.  Once you learn them, they become part of your leadership heuristic.  You may forget the source of your knowledge over time, but you will use these skills every day.


Kenneth Wrede

 “The One Minute Manager”

  • Publication date – 1982
  • Pages – 112
  • ISBN 978-0-00-636753-6












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