What Investors Should Know About Leadership

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You know you’ve seen it.

That slam-dunk investment that implodes as you learn that your star entrepreneurs do not play well with others.

Could you have prevented it?

Could you have predicted it?

Could you have accepted the risk while minimizing the downside?

The workshop is a means for investors to develop the leadership potential of their investors and, thereby, protecting their investments from eccentricities of inexperienced leaders.

Quick facts

  • Duration 1-2 days
  • Class size: 10-16
  • Location: On site

Who should attend?

  • Private investors
  • Private equity investors
  • Venture capital investors

This is a program designed for investors who experience the pain that poor leadership brings to their portfolios.
Use leadership development to reduce risk and improve overall portfolio value.

The program is designed to

You will learn:

  • A systemic foundation to leadership and leadership development
  • Create a common foundation and vocabulary to communicate leadership issues with the executive stewards of your investments.
  • Remove the discussion of leadership away from opinions and “differing styles”.
  • Focus on evidence-based, practical leadership.
  • Develop leadership due diligence practices and eliminate leadership problems before they become your leadership problems.
  • Understand the risks of weak leadership from neo-entrepreneurs.
  • Use their strengths to create value and institute a systemic leadership approach to minimize the risks of their weaknesses.


1-2 hour session combining presentation, discussion and experiential exercises

  • Overview of leadership and leadership theory
  • Discussion of the myths of leadership
  • Discussion on how outliers are not the best role models
  • Separating managing from leadership and leadership from power
  • Power dynamics and focusing leadership as a form of power
  • A review and discussion of evidence-based leadership theory
  • Remove ego from the investment equitation
  • Spread evidence-based leadership to your executives


“What Investors Should
Know About
The Social Awkward”


“What Investors Should
Know About